Exclusive lake booking up to 5 anglers only £600

7 Euro for a Full English Breakfast

10 euros for evening meals

Bait & Bait Prices

We want only the best bait used for our fish, so we only allow fresh boilies – No shelf life boilies allowed on site.

We keep a selection of fresh boilies on site. All particle must be supplied by us and to be ordered in advance at a very reasonable cost.

We can also supply carp pellets, which we use throughout the year to feed the fish.

  • Particle – 2 Euro per kilo
  • Pellet – 2.50 Euro per kilo
  • Hemp – 2.50 Euro per kilo
  • Dips - ------ £ per dip


1* 4 rods allowed if 3 or less fisherman on lake,otherwise 3 rods max--15lb min main line

2* no sacking of fish--all fish to be returned A.S.A.P.

3* micro barbed or crushed barbed hooks only please

4* please use antiseptic on all hook holds

5* Bait boats can be used,but please be considerate to other anglers

6* no rods to be left unattended

7* no swimming or entering the lake [this is for your safety ]

8* only particles prepared by the fishery to be used

9* fresh boilies only [ no shelf life boilies ]

10* no braided main lines to be used

11* 42"landing net and large unhooking mat required

12* all vehicles to be left in car park

13* please no pets

14* when photographing fish please keep fish low to the ground, [no standing up with fish]

We have some beautiful fish and keeping to these rules will minimize the risk of harming the fish, thank you.

Launay Carp Lake for great fishing holidays in the North West of France

Contact to book your fishing holiday
Telephone:02 33 37 72 65
From outside France:
0033 2 33 37 72 65

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